Pet Safety Tips

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Are you prepared for a potential emergency? Every year, we see countless pets displaced due to a disaster or even passing away from avoidable mistakes. Here’s how you can protect your pet should the worst happen.
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Prepare for the Worst

As the state’s designated responder for animals in distress during natural disasters, we’ve seen first-hand how quickly a situation can go south. This is why we urge all pet owners to have a plan should you need to evacuate. Here’s where to start.

golden retriever with head out of window

Hot Car Safety

Even on a cool day, a car can become a deadly oven in just minutes. Luckily, Arizona’s Samaritan Hot Car Law allows passers-by to call police if they spot a pet or child in danger in a hot car and then break into the car to rescue them.

Additional Safety Resources

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For additional guidance on everything from Independence Day safety to how to safely introduce a dog and cat, check out the guides on our Pet Behavior Tips page.