Pet Rehoming Resources

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The Arizona Humane Society’s Pet Resource Center is an empathetic team of trained professionals dedicated to providing resources to pet owners, keeping pets in homes and helping to save lives.

We Help Care for Pets

The Pet Resource Center has played a critical role in helping to decrease our intake by 53% over the past six years, but we’re committed to doing more and saving even more lives with creative and compassionate solutions as alternatives to pet surrender.

Our Pet Resource Center, along with our veterinary clinics, connect pet owners with affordable medical, behavior and support services to help keep pets and people together.

If you find yourself struggling to care for your pet and need assistance, we may be able to help.

Pet Resource Center
602.997.7585, ext. 3800
Daily, 8 AM – 5 PM

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Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

Our compassionate and understanding team is committed to the wellbeing of your pets. Before you surrender your pet at an Arizona Humane Society location, consider these alternatives including re-homing programs, behavioral training, moving support and much more.

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Surrendering Your Pet

If alternative resources don’t address the situation you are experiencing with your pet, we will work with you to discuss surrendering options. An appointment is required to surrender your pet. This is designed to give every pet surrendered to AHS it’s best chance for success by way of a 30-minute intake appointment.