Pet Behavior Tips

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Whether you’re prepping to welcome a new pet into your home or looking for advice to care for the pets you currently have, you’ll find plenty of information and guidance in the tips and videos below.

Dog Training Videos

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Canine Body
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Helping a
Fearful Dog
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Cat Training Videos

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Feline Body
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Helping a
Fearful Cat

Training & Care Resources

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Dog Training Classes

Need help training your dog? As you may have already noticed, dog training takes a lot of time – and patience from you and your pet. But keep in mind that a well-trained pet is a happy pet. If you and your dog could use some pointers, check out AHS’ dog training classes. We offer four-week all-encompassing courses, or specialty two-week classes.

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Cat Behavior Consultations

Our trained feline welfare specialist can help with many different behavior concerns such as litter box problems, biting, scratching, fear and more. We offer lessons in the comfort of your home or consultations via phone or online for those with busy schedules.

Please contact us to set up your lesson.

AHS Certified Trainers

Our instructors are professional trainers who utilize positive reinforcement methods to teach your best friend key training skills. Our certified trainers use a variety of force-free, and science-based training methods based on scientific evidence. They are up to date with the latest humane and ethical training methods.
  • Image of Melissa Graham, CFTBS
    Melissa Graham, CFTBS
    Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist
  • Melissa Graham, CFTBS

    Melissa Graham is the Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist for the Arizona Humane Society. She is currently attending the Animal Behavioral Institute where she is in the process of completing her feline training and behavior certification.

    Melissa is a proud cat owner of three lovely tabby cats and a foster mom to kittens during the summer.

  • Image of Kayla Anderson, CCBS, CPDT-KA, CTDI
    Kayla Anderson, CCBS, CPDT-KA, CTDI
    Certified Canine Behavior Specialist
  • Kayla Anderson, CCBS, CPDT-KA, CTDI

     Kayla is a Certified Canine Behavior Specialist and comes to us from the Peninsula Humane Society in San Francisco, where she worked in the behavior department for two years. She received her degree in Psychology and Sociology, focusing on the animal-human bond, and attended the Trish King Canine Behavior Academy.

    Kayla enjoys working with bully breed dogs and educating the public on seeing dogs as individuals. Kayla is pet parent to a Staffordshire/Bulldog mix named Hippo, who volunteers as a therapy dog and makes mom proud on the agility course.

  • Image of Caitlin Wolfe, CPDT-KA, ABCDT
    Caitlin Wolfe, CPDT-KA, ABCDT
    Certified Dog Trainer
  • Caitlin Wolfe, CPDT-KA, ABCDT

    I have been training dogs professionally since 2012. I received my initial certification from Animal Behavior College in 2011 and later earned by CPDT-KA in 2015.

    Most of my career has been in the animal welfare industry working as a behavior specialist and manager at the Pasadena Humane Society in California, there I was fortunate to work with all types of behavior while dogs were waiting for their forever home and teach group lessons and private training to new adopters and members of the public.

    I have a passion for continuing education and attend many behavior conferences and webinars throughout the year to ensure that I am using the most updated science based techniques. I currently reside in Goodyear, Arizona with my husband, 2 year old and boxer named Brandy who is my favorite adoption (and training) success.

  • Image of Michael Brand, CPDT-KA
    Michael Brand, CPDT-KA
    Certified Dog Trainer
  • Michael Brand, CPDT-KA

    Michael has been a lover of dogs since he was four years old. His first dog was one tough cookie who provided him his first lessons in understanding the complex needs of dogs, from the reactive and un-socialized to the easy-going and gregarious.

    As his interests and involvement with dogs grew, he studied for and obtained his CPDT-KA. Continuing to work closely with clients he learned their needs and then prescribed appropriate training classes. He worked with dogs on everything from basic obedience to reactivity and aggression. These experiences greatly increased his practical knowledge of canine behavior and his ability to “speak dog.”

    Michael enjoys working with and educating owners, helping them to understand their canine friends. He is actively involved in developing workshops on subjects important to pet owners. Currently he works with his young Norwegian Elkhound, Bleau, and helps his two daughters understand speaking dog.

  • Image of Mik Moeller, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
    Mik Moeller, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
    Certified Dog Trainer (seminars only)
  • Mik Moeller, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

    Mik is a professional certified dog trainer. He worked at the San Francisco SPCA as the canine behavior specialist for 18 years. He has his CPDT-KA and his CBCC –KA certifications. He is a recognized expert in shy/fearful dogs, reactive dogs meaning those dogs who bark and lunge on leash and canine enrichment. 

    Mik graduated from the renowned San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy in 1999 and awarded special certification for dog-dog aggression in 2002 by Jean Donaldson. Mik frequently writes articles and lectures both nationally and internationally on leash reactivity, canine body language, dog play, canine enrichment and scent games, dog park etiquette and how to work with shy/fearful dogs. He also developed and taught the Reactive Rover dog training classes.

    His teaching motto is you can teach an old dog new tricks and he brings a sense of humor to his classes to help the two legged students learn to understand their dogs behavior and provide tools to help them get the behavior they want in a positive, force-free, fun environment.

  • Image of Bryana Peters, CPDT-KA
    Bryana Peters, CPDT-KA
    Behavior Specialist
  • Bryana Peters, CPDT-KA

    Bryana is a graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in animal science. She has completed several internships centered around animal behavior across diverse species, her main focus consisting of canine, equine and spotted hyenas.

    She currently works as a Behavior Specialist at the Arizona Humane Society. She is an AKC CGC evaluator and loves helping dog owners achieve their training goals. For several years, Bryana focused on service dog training along with working with reactive dogs.

    Bryana is a pet parent to two English Labradors and one tripod German Shepherd. She also owns a rescued gelding she enjoys using to teach behavior concepts and training. Her yellow Labrador functions as a service dog, helping her mom with medical alerts paired with light mobility. She enjoys visiting schools and other locations with her dogs to help communities understand the roles of working dogs and how reactivity can be worked with.

  • Image of Tabitha Crane, ABCDT
    Tabitha Crane, ABCDT
    Certified Dog Trainer
  • Tabitha Crane, ABCDT

    Tabitha has been learning about the art of dog training since 2014 when she was preparing to adopt her first rescue dog. Never one to be satiated, she joined the Association of Professional Dog Trainers in 2015 to take courses and learn from the experiences of dog trainers around the world. Tabitha graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2020 and has experience teaching dog training classes. She continues to grow her knowledge by attending seminars taught by the leading behavior professionals in the field. She trains with an emphasis on the emotional and physical well-being of dogs and humans.

    Tabitha is a mom to four dogs, two American Staffordshire mixes, one Pomeranian, and one Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.

  • Image of Jenny Dagnino, CCTBS, CPDT-KA
    Jenny Dagnino, CCTBS, CPDT-KA
    Behavior and Pet Training Manager
  • Jenny Dagnino, CCTBS, CPDT-KA

    Jenny is the Behavior and Pet Training Manager at the Arizona Humane Society. While working with the shelter behavior team, she most enjoyed working with fearful and reactive dogs. Now she enjoys working with pet parents to help them feel confident that they can improve their lives as well as their dogs’.

    Jenny studied behavior and training at the Animal Behavior Institute, and is passionate about using fun and force-free methods to teach. She continues her education through various behavior and training courses to stay current with the latest developments in the science of animal training.

  • Image of Meredith Troy, KPA CTP
    Meredith Troy, KPA CTP
    Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
  • Meredith Troy, KPA CTP

    Meredith is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. She focuses on using scientifically backed training methods to build communication and strengthen the bond between pets and their people. She volunteered with a rescue in high school and then fostered and socialized service-dogs-in-training during college. Meredith joined the Arizona Humane Society in 2019 and received her Karen Pryor Academy certification in the spring of 2021. Never one to stop learning, she continues to attend seminars and take classes from experts in the field during her spare time.

    Meredith’s life is enriched by two senior Shetland Sheepdogs, Faith and Promise, an energetic Australian Cattle Dog, Winona, a very tolerant cat, Mu, and four chickens.