490127 (1)Zipper was found nearly lifeless in a dirt lot one night after he was brutally attacked by another dog. The Good Samaritan who found Zipper took him to an emergency animal clinic where he was then picked up by our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ and transferred to the Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Hospital.   Zipper had sustained puncture wounds to his chest that resulted in severe tears to his chest wall. Arizona Humane Society's skilled veterinarians performed surgery on him for nearly two hours, while technicians ventilated his lungs. After the harrowing surgery, he spent two days recovering in a special oxygen kennel.   Surviving his near fatal wounds, Zipper spent several weeks recovering in the home of one of our compassionate Foster Hero volunteers. He quickly bounced back and after being featured on Pets on Parade this past week, he found a loving new family to care for him!  

Zipper found a loving home after being featured on Pets on Parade this past week. Check out our little TV Star!

August 21, 2014