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The Flavells reunite with Bella

Yarnell Hill Update

Ed, Jena Flavell and their son, Ronnie, left their home in Yarnell to visit Jena’s ailing mother at a Phoenix hospital on Sunday morning and were planning to be gone for just a few hours. But by the time they were set to head back to Yarnell on Sunday evening, the town had been evacuated and they weren’t allowed to return home, leaving their 9-month-old Queensland Heeler mix, Bella, and their 7-year-old cat, Snowball, stranded in their home.   On Tuesday, they came to AHS’s temporary rescue shelter in Wickenburg asking for help, and the pair of four-legged family members were rescued and brought back to the shelter.   Snowball was in serious condition, suffering from heat distress with a temperature nearing 107 degrees. As the family watched on, AHS staff began administering subcutaneous fluids to Snowball, as well as small amounts of water to her body and foot pads, quickly bringing Snowball’s temperature down to 101 degrees and bringing her out of the danger zone.   Bella was extremely thirsty, but fine otherwise, and just thrilled to see her family. The Flavells were equally excited to be reunited with their two lovable pets.   If you would like to donate the Arizona Humane Society's disaster relief fund, you can do so here.
July 3, 2013