Pit Bull AwarenessDoes this look like the face of danger? A vicious, uncontrollable attack dog? We’ve all heard the myths about pit bulls. But come down to our shelter, spend a few minutes with a pittie, and it doesn’t take long to learn the truth about this loving, loyal breed.   Are you a passionate pit bull lover? We need your help to debunk the many negative stereotypes that have sadly come to define these amazing dogs. Send us your best photo or short video clip of your pit bull showing the naysayers that “I’m No Bully!”   Whether it’s your pittie giving sloppy kisses to your child, snuggling in your lap for naptime, romping around with other four-legged friends or simply looking adorable, we want your submissions.   Fill out this form and attach your photo or video clip (30 seconds or less) and we’ll share the best submissions on our website, blog and social media sites as we blitz the Valley with pit bull positivity throughout the month of October, leading up to National Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 26th.   Help us break the stereotype and show just how much love and joy pit bulls bring to our lives.   Submit your pit bull photos or video!
September 11, 2013