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VIDEO: Soldier Reunited with Furry Best Friend After 14 Months Apart

Written by: Kimberly Ring
  Fourteen months after saying goodbye, Sargent Stephen Goodrum celebrated Christmas by welcoming home his best friend. Goodrum was reunited with his dog, Butters, on Christmas Eve after spending more than a year on military deployment in South Korea.   Goodrum thought he would be forced to give away Butters prior to being deployed, but learned about the Arizona Humane Society's Project Active Duty program, which provides temporary foster care for the pets of military members when they are away on a tour of duty.   Upon their reunion, Butters, who was just five weeks old when Goodrum adopted him, couldn’t wait to show Goodrum that he still remembered every trick dad had taught him. Check out their heart-warming reunion in the above video.   Interested in fostering the pet of an active duty member? Learn how you can be a hero to a hero.
January 8, 2015