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Urgent Alert: Voice Your Support for Increased Pet Protections

Written by: Kimberly Ring

We Need Your Voice Again! 

You’ve been instrumental in moving forward legislation that protects pets against heinous abuse. HB2671 narrowly passed through the Senate Commerce committee – and now we move to the full Senate for a vote this week. Please contact your Senator by Wednesday this week and let them know that you are a constituent in favor of HB2671 and it is time to stop protecting pet abusers. Tell them horrific cases of animal abuse are so much more serious than low-level, nonviolent offenses that are often lowered from a felony 6 to a misdemeanor. Our laws need to be stronger to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. The worst cases of animal abuse should be part of the felony 5 category. Here's how you can take action:
  1. Determine your legislative district.
  2. Find your Senator’s name/contact information.
  3. Give your support for HB2671! You can say, “I am a constituent in your district, and I support HB2671. This legislation protects pets against the worst forms of abuse. It is not acceptable that someone who inflicts intentional harm like beheading a puppy, receives a misdemeanor. There needs to be greater oversight and this legislation provides the courts with the resources to not just punish, but provide the supervision to people who may – as research shows – continue to commit abuse against animals and people. Please vote yes on HB2671."
  Thank you for making our community a safer place for pets and people. [one_half]

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Be a Voice for Animals

April 8, 2019