new leg horseWe have a serious problem at the Arizona Senate, and we need your help, right now.   Despite opposition from EVERY major animal welfare AND law enforcement organization, including Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona Senate will be voting on HB 2150 this week. Learn more about the pitfalls of HB2150 here.   Bottom line, this misguided bill weakens our laws against animal abuse. It’s absolutely unacceptable, and here’s why:   - HB2150 reduces the felony penalties for various acts of cruelty to farm animals, including horses. - HB2150 omits the crime of “abandonment” of farm animals, which is currently a felony. - There is no mention of the requirement to “provide medical attention necessary to prevent protracted suffering” to farm animals. - Theoretically, under HB2150, a person could abandon his injured horse in the desert, and let it suffer to death, without penalty. It’s appalling.   But that’s not all.   - The measure also prevents any city or county from enacting laws tougher than this watered-down bill. For example, the City of Phoenix enacted an ordinance that banned home slaughter of livestock, following an investigation of people slaughtering goats and other animals in apartment complexes. If HB2150 passes, local governments would be powerless to address issues facing their communities.   Please reach out to your Arizona Senator and urge him/her to vote “no” on HB2150. Be sure to let your senator know that you are a constituent in his/her district. You can leave a message day or night.   Take-Action-Now-Button-Red  
March 16, 2015