Dog Rescued From Phoenix Canal

Canal Dog Rescued in Phoenix, Gets a Second Chance.

Two weeks ago, a stray Shepherd mix roamed the streets searching for a drink of water when she leaned over the steep edge of a canal in attempt to quench her thirst. Seconds later, she was swept away by the strong undercurrent, and spent hours swimming for her life. Read her full rescue story: Stray Dog Rescued From Phoenix Canal After Nearly Drowning. After spending 11 days being cared for in AHS' Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, this sweet pup was in need of foster care for weight gain and socialization. The officer who found this brave girl, once again came to her rescue.

UPDATE 9/7/16: 

Eliya, the 12-year-old daughter of the family who is fostering Ginger, writes:

Ginger has been coming out of her crate more and more! She likes to follow us around and watch us. She lays outside of her crate now and walks to the back door when she needs to go to the bathroom. She’s getting into the routine and she’s figuring out how things work. She’s getting along pretty well with my other dog, Patches. It’s really cute because Ginger looks up to Patches and likes to copy what she does. ginger11 UPDATE 8/27/16: 

Two days after Sandor brought Ginger into his home, his 12-year-old daughter Eliya reached out to update us on how Ginger is doing.

We decided to call her Ginger. We thought it fit her well. I was at school when my mom and dad went to pick up Ginger from the Arizona Humane Society, but as soon as I got home, I raced over to her kennel. The first thing my dad and I did with her was take her outside with my other dog, Patches. As soon as we opened the back door, Patches ran outside, but Ginger on the other hand, wouldn’t even leave her kennel. My dad had to pick her up and take her outside. She sniffed around a bit but she didn’t do any business. All she did was find a nice shady spot and planted herself down there. After a while of my dad and I just watching her lay there, we realized she wasn’t going to move. So this time I lifted her up and put her back in her kennel. The next day when I got home from school, my mom told me that she went to the bathroom and was walking a bit. Shortly after, I went upstairs to do some homework and when I came back down stairs I saw she was walking around! As soon as she saw that I saw her, she immediately went right back into her kennel. She doesn’t like to be watched when she walks but I have noticed that she loves to watch us. Her kennel is right by the kitchen so she’s always watching what we’re doing. It’s very cute. She loves to be in her kennel. We even leave the kennel door open for her to encourage her to come out. My dad says she likes it so much because it’s her “safe spot’’. Dog Rescued from Phoenix Canal UPDATE 8/25/16: 

Our canal dog, now officially named Ginger, has gone to foster care with the police officer, Sandor, who originally found her.

Ginger is still quite shut down and refuses to walk on the leash. She met Sandor's dog, Patches, prior to going home and both pups were nervous and did not interact much. As Ginger gets more comfortable in her foster home and begins to open up, we hope to see these two pups become the best of friends. If all goes well during Ginger's time in foster care, Sandor plans to adopt. Sandor and his family will be keeping us updated on Ginger's journey in foster care. [one_half] Dog Rescued from Phoenix Canal [/one_half][one_half_last] Dog Rescued from Phoenix Canal [/one_half_last]  

We will be following Ginger's story during her journey in foster care. Check back frequently for updates.


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August 30, 2016