"Leave it" is One of the Most Important Skills You Can Teach Your Pup.

"Leave it" means “ignore that, and bring your focus back to me”. You can use "leave it" during your walks when your dog is distracted, when practicing stay, or if you drop something in the kitchen.
Here's how to make your dog a "leave it" expert:
  1. Start with two treats – one will be the distraction and one will be the reward.
  2. Show your puppy one treat (the distraction), and place it under your shoe.
  3. Once your pup loses interest and looks away from the treat, let them know they’ve done the right thing by saying “Good!”
  4. Give your pup the other treat (the reward) for a job well done!
  5. As your pup catches on to the game, you'll introduce the cue "leave it," saying the phrase right before your pup looks away.
Eventually, your dog will learn that the faster they leave it, the faster they get rewarded. To increase the difficulty, try having the distraction treat on the side of your shoe instead of underneath it. Practice makes perfect! Learn countless other basic manners, fun tricks, and more at AHS' Dog Training classes!

Train Your Dog to Be a Superstar

November 7, 2017