People often have the wrong perception of Pit Bulls. They seem to have gained a bad rap over the years due to misconceptions, rumors, poor media portrayals and bad dog owners. Well we are here to tell you the truth about this "misunderstood breed" and inform you of the top 10 reason why you should adopt a Pit Bull.  
  1. They make great lap dogs.
  2. You will never feel unloved.   3. They love children and make great "nanny dogs". boo adoption   4. They will make sure you never go a day without smiling. 524422-450488 (8)   5. They will keep you active. 521362 (3)   6. Pittie puppies... enough said. 501527 (7)   7. They are the snazziest dressers.   8. They make the best cuddlers.   9. They help cure baby fever.   10. You will always have a best friend. 512766 (3)   View our adoptable dogs to find your new Pittie best friend today!  
January 12, 2016