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The Three “P”s of Pet Owning – Prepare, Proof and Protect

Written by: Kimberly Ring

vector_logosZerorez is ready to help you get ready for your pet!

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is a memorable, highly anticipated moment for your family, and for many, the new bundle of fur is welcomed almost as zealously as a new baby. One major difference: a newborn human won’t be mobile for several months! Your furry baby, however, will be running, playing, chewing and getting into everything right away. You’ll want to make prior preparations to keep your pet, and your house, safe and protected. Our friends at Zerorez of Phoenix tell us how. To pet proof your home, you’ll want to think like your pet. Get down to their level and look around. Doesn’t that curtain cord hanging down look fun to tug on? Be sure to place dangling cords and wires out of reach so they don’t become your puppy’s next chew toy. Also, think of all those places your vacuum cleaner won’t fit—is there anything left behind that would be dangerous if your pet got hold of it? Toys and small objects present hazards, as do items you may not think of like the usual suspects on your nightstand. Lip blam, eye glasses, retainers and pain relievers are all fair game in a puppy’s mind. And don’t put it past your playful kitten to use her leaping ability to get up into high places and use her paws and your priceless figurines for batting practice. A scratching post or two placed where she eats and sleeps should help minimize the flexing of her claw muscles, a natural feline impulse, on your upholstery. Also keep your pet out of areas they shouldn’t be by remembering to shut drawers, closets and rooms. Just be sure to look out for paws, noses and tails and to always give a second look when scooting a chair, dirty dog - muddy english bulldog sitting on white background Besides just pet proofing, you’ll also need to protect your pets from anything that may be harmful to them. New pets may linger in the kitchen waiting for a scrap to drop, so be mindful when you’re cooking. In particular, chocolate and bananas, when ingested, are known to have adverse, sometimes tragic results, not to mention pills and medication accidentally dropped on the floor. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t have any plants that might be toxic to them. Most importantly, be mindful of the areas where your pets play. You’ll want those surfaces and surroundings clean and odor free, yet you don’t want your beloved furry family members in close contact with chemical cleaners. So choose less chemical alternatives whenever possible. By preparing, proofing and protecting your pet’s environment, you’re doing what you can to give your four-legged friend a lifetime of health and safety and setting the stage for the fourth and most fun “P” - pampering! Article provided by AHS partner and sponsor Zerorez of Phoenix, who offer environmentally – and pet! – friendly cleaning services to carpet, tile, upholstery, rugs and even furniture across the Valley using ‘Empowered Water,’ a non-toxic cleaning agent that leaves no soil-attracting residue behind. For more, visit
August 9, 2016