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ABC 15, FOX 13 Tampa Bay, & Arizona Republic: Pit Bull Saves Miniature Poodle

Written by: Kimberly Ring

News Highlights:

  • When Roxie arrived at AHS, the anemic, tick-infested Miniature Poodle was facing a grim future and fading fast. So weak that she couldn’t stand on her own, Roxie lie lateral on the exam table in the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ with pale gums and a low heart rate.
  • Acting quickly, a highly-skilled veterinarian called upon Tank, a happy, healthy, sweet 83-pound dog to become Roxie’s blood donor, and soon Roxie was in the process of receiving a life-saving blood transfusion. By the end of the night, Roxie was able to stand on all four paws!
  • Now Roxie has made a complete 180 and the once lifeless Poodle is now bustling with energy and spunk. She has become good friends with Tank since, and the two have enjoy short daily walks together.
  • Tank is gearing up for the road to adoption and Roxie is recovering in a loving Foster Hero home.

ABC 15

FOX 13 Tampa Bay

The Arizona Republic

Pit bull saves dying poodle with blood transfusion in Phoenix Cydney Henderson, The Republic | August 14, 2017
A stray poodle on her last leg of life got a second chance thanks to an unlikely hero. "Roxie was fading really fast when she arrived at our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital," said Ashleigh Goebel, media coordinator at the Arizona Humane Society. Emergency responders found Roxie in the Phoenix area. The canine was suffering from E. Canis, a tick-borne disease that left her extremely dehydrated, lethargic and unable to stand on her own. That’s when an 83-pound pit bull stepped in and saved the day.

"Tank is the sweetest dog in the world," said Goebel. "He looks intimidating but has a heart of gold."

He became Roxie’s blood donor. And thanks to the quick actions of the Second Chance team, veterinarians removed some of Tank's blood while he underwent a minor medical treatment to remove a mass.