Double Your Impact Today Thanks to VCA Animal Hospitals.

Today, when you join our mission to save pets and make a lifesaving gift, VCA Animal Hospitals will match your donation up to $10,000 so you can help give second chances to twice as many pets like Raine. You may remember Raine, the adorable Golden Retriever puppy who spent his first few months suffering through a life of abuse and cruelty, as he was nearly beaten to death with a metal pipe. Thankfully for Raine, a Good Samaritan heard his cries for help and alerted the police to his horrific situation. Raine was rescued and taken to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where our medical team found he was suffering from soft tissue swelling, bruising and lacerations. After several weeks of recovery in our trauma hospital and with a loving foster hero family, Raine was adopted by the Good Samaritan who called police and saved his life. This summer, we’re on a mission to make happy “after” stories for thousands of “before” pets just like Raine. So, what’s the story between “before” and “after?" Harrowing rescue, cruelty investigation, advanced medical treatment, tender care, lots of love… and YOU. Your donations make happy endings come true and help our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ and Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ rescue and save the lives of thousands of animals each year. There are so many other helpless animals like Raine who are counting on you, and today is your chance to double your impact! Turn $50 in $100 or $100 into $200 during our Summer to Save Lives and help put tails back where they belong for double the number of pets. We’re on a mission to save pets. Will you help?

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