puppy millOn Thursday, February 11th, the Tempe City Council will vote on a commercial pet sales ordinance that would ban pet stores from selling dogs or cats that were not acquired from an animal shelter, humane society or nonprofit animal rescue organization, thus helping to eliminate the sale of puppy mill puppies. You can help support the ban by giving a public statement at the Council Meeting. Speakers will be given up to five minutes each to address the Council. AHS helped assist the City of Phoenix in passing similar puppy mill legislation last year. “As the state’s largest animal welfare organization committed to fighting pet overpopulation, and responsible for caring for the Valley’s ill, injured, abused and neglected homeless animals, we know first-hand the sheer volume of wonderful pets available for adoption,” said Dr. Steven Hansen, Arizona Humane Society President and CEO. “By supporting legislation opposed to puppy mills, we are helping to protect against irresponsible backyard breeders or puppy mills who keep their pets in unsatisfactory conditions while also demonstrating the value that our community places in animals by allowing for more awareness and adoption opportunities for Arizona’s shelter pets.” Tempe City Council Meeting to Vote on Commercial Pet Sales Ordinance Thursday, February 11th 6 p.m. start time (although it is likely this issue will come a little later in the agenda) Tempe City Hall 31 E. 5th St, Tempe, AZ Learn More
February 11, 2016