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Ryder’s Confidence Improves, She Remains In Critical Condition

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Ryder Oct 7 005Ryder’s confidence is picking up. The once fearful, defeated pit bull who used to tuck her tail under her belly when approached by a person, now greets our medical team with tail-wags and excitement when they come to her kennel. And although she is upbeat and excited when you first take her out of her kennel, she is still extremely ill and it only takes minutes for her energy to be spent before she is ready to lie down again.   Ryder remains at just under 35 pounds and we continue the process of slowly increasing her food intake to build up her weight. Ryder’s blood work shows she is severely anemic and has liver damage, which is consistent with starvation. Additionally, the swelling in her head hasn’t gone down as much as we had hoped and our vets are running more diagnostic tests to check for neck injuries she may have suffered while hanging from the door.   Ryder remains in critical condition, but if she could, we’re certain she’d want to give a big, wet kiss to everyone who has rallied behind her the past few days. Ryder has seen an unbelievable outpouring of support, including 172 donations totaling more than $5,600 toward the care of abused and neglected animals like Ryder, as well 347 well-wishes. Our amazing team of volunteers is busy preparing to post these messages of hope around Ryder’s kennel to show Ryder just how much you love her. Here are just a few samples we’ve received from around the world:   Get Well Ryder. Hope you are beginning to feel like there is hope and you are not with the bad people anymore. We are thinking of you in England, UK. - Louise C.   I'm so sorry this happened to you, but you are in the best of hands now and I know you will get the care and love you deserve at the AHS. I am praying for you sweet girl. Just get well soon and take in all that love and attention that you truly deserve. -Sharon T.   Dear Ryder, I may not know you, but your life is no less precious. Your life is important. Don't forget that. We are rooting for you!!!! - Christena, and the Babies - Kobe, Beau, Tyler & Bella   Ryder - You couldn't be in better hands. Know you are loved and that no one will ever harm you again! That's a promise. -Radiant Hugs and Support, Shanon & Sunshine   If you’d like to root Ryder on with a message of support, visit our Rally for Ryder website. Please also continue to spread her story of hope by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts.
October 8, 2013