Ryder welcomed a special visitor today.   Officer James R. Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department stopped by to check in on the Valley’s most adored pit bull and offered his support and well-wishes to Ryder as she continues her recovery.   AHS has been working closely with Phoenix PD, which responded to a domestic disturbance call on September 28th and discovered Ryder chained to a doorknob with only her hind feet able to touch the floor, severely emaciated and weighing just 28 pounds.   Ryder was taken to an emergency animal clinic and then transferred to AHS on September 30th in critical condition. Since her arrival, Ryder has gained 10 pounds and now weighs more than 38 pounds.   Ryder has an appointment on Monday for an ultrasound to check the extent of damage done to her neck caused by hanging from the door, and we still won’t know for several more weeks what her prognosis will be.   Ryder, however, does appear to be improving and getting stronger by the day, and she has even learned to sit and shake with both of her paws – a trick she was thrilled to show Officer Holmes!     Officer Holmes and the Phoenix Police Department remind Valley residents that if you know of a pet that is being neglected or abused, please report it immediately. So far, we’ve had 208 individuals who have pledged to help end animal abuse. If you’d like to take our pledge, send well-wishes to Ryder or track her progress, visit our Rally For Ryder website.
October 10, 2013