Foster a petRyder is enjoying life in her new foster home. It took three days for our adorable little pit bull to overcome her shyness and acclimate to living as a “normal” dog in a loving household, but now the 50-pound ball of energy romps around her new surroundings and races up and down the stairs, following foster dad Darrell wherever he goes.   Every day, Ryder gets to enjoy a mile-long walk, and when she has extra energy to burn, she explodes through her newly-discovered doggy door into the backyard for some outside fun. Her favorite part of the day is still mealtime, and when the opportunity to snack on a treat arrives, she’s learned to sit before she’s even asked.   Ryder remains in good health and on track go up for adoption in the next few weeks. To keep up to date on Ryder’s progress while in foster care, visit Facebook, Twitter and our Rally for Ryder website.
November 7, 2013