[caption id="attachment_9597" align="alignright" width="224"]Ryder bath Ryder enjoys her first bath.[/caption] Ryder continues to gain weight and is now up to 42 pounds – 14 pounds heavier than when she first arrived at AHS. She has progressed to the point where she is now ready to go into one of our compassionate foster homes, where she will spend several weeks getting plenty of love, socialization and care while she continues to add weight. Once in foster care, Ryder will return to AHS for weekly checkups to monitor her weight and blood work.   Ryder did take a field trip to a specialist for an ultrasound earlier this week to determine the severity of the lumps in her neck and swelling on her head. Sadly, they appear to be old scar tissue resulting from severe abuse. And although the scar tissue is permanent, eventually over time, and as she progresses and puts on weight, we believe it will decrease and become less noticeable.   Ryder had her first bath this week and loved it! She danced around in excitement when she was all cleaned up.   We’ll continue to post updates of Ryder and her progress through her stay in foster care. Keep checking in on Ryder through Facebook, Twitter and our Rally For Ryder webpage. Until next time, Ryder sends her love.
October 16, 2013