Kitten Season is Right Around the Corner, and We Need Your Help in Creating 300 Rice Socks!

From March to November, shelters and rescue organizations are flooded with homeless litters from unaltered cats. A rice sock is one common way that veterinarians and veterinary support staff provide soothing warmth, or “heat support," to these kittens. This activity is ideal for Scouts, classrooms, community groups, clubs & individuals who have a desire to make a sustainable difference in the lives of shelter animals. What you'll need:
  • A pre-washed, thick athletic sock (knee-length socks work well)
  • Uncooked, dry rice (the quantity will depend on the size of your sock - a small sock usually requires 1½ to 2 cups, and larger socks need 3 to 4 cups)
How to make a rice sock:
  • Pour rice into the clean sock. The easiest way to fill a sock is to place rice in a cup, stretch the sock opening over the cup, and dump the contents in the sock. You can use a funnel as another option. Don’t pack the rice too tightly; leave some room so the sock will still be flexible and can conform to a kitten's body. If the material in the sock is too loosely woven and allows the rice to come through the sock, use pantyhose as an inner layer and slip the sock around it.
  • Seal the sock. You can tie a knot in the sock or close the top using yarn, string, or ribbon. Don’t use twist ties or metal of any kind, as the sock will be placed in the microwave.
  • Deliver to the Arizona Humane Society! You can deliver your rice socks to either of our locations, Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion (1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix, AZ 85041) or Sunnyslope Campus (9226 N. 13th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021).
We know you have many choices about where to complete your service project so we thank you so much for considering the Arizona Humane Society. We are extremely grateful for your generous service, as together we continue to partner to transform Maricopa County into one of the best places to be a pet.

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February 7, 2017