canal-rescue-etails   Last Thursday, the Phoenix Police Department arrived at the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus requesting assistance to rescue a dog who was stuck in the canal behind Sunnyslope.   AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ raced to the scene, where they saw an American Pit Bull Terrier swimming for his life as the hot Arizona sun beat down on him during the late afternoon.   Nearly a dozen rescue personnel, including AHS EAMTs, Phoenix Police Officers and Phoenix Firefighters, made several unsuccessful attempts to rescue the struggling pup, but finally EAMT Tami Murillo was able to snare the dog with a catch poll and pull him to safety. The dog was tired and had several cuts on his feet from trying to climb out of the canal, but was otherwise uninjured.   The good news didn’t stop there. He also had a collar and identification tags, where rescuers learned his name was Murphy and were able to make contact with his owners, who were frantically looking for him. Minutes later, Murphy’s happy ending arrived when he was reunited with his family.   Each day, AHS’ EAMTs are called on to rescue dozens of pets just like Murphy who need help to survive. You can make a difference and help save lives by supporting AHS’ programs and services with a lifesaving gift today.   make gift button
June 25, 2015