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Rescued From a Dumpster, Princess Enjoys Fairytale Ending

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Princess ReuniteRLast week, Princess’ story almost came to a heartbreaking end. The little Maltese had been tossed into a trash can, still alive, still clinging to hope. And had it not been for the sharp eye of a Good Samaritan, who spotted Princess’ head move when she went to throw away a trash bag, Princess likely would have been lost forever.   Thankfully, the Good Samaritan rescued Princess and brought her to the Arizona Humane Society, where our veterinarians determined that the 8-year-old’s leg had slipped out of socket and would sadly require amputation, which was performed by our Second Chance Animal Hospital™ medical team.   Princess’ troubling story, however, has a fairytale ending. Shortly after her arrival at AHS, a family came searching for their lost dog who had gone missing when they were out of town. Turns out, Princess had gotten out under the care of a pet sitter and vanished.   When Princess saw her owners, she was overcome with excitement, and is now recovering with her loving family back at home.   Check out Princess’ happy reunion in this 3TV news clip!     You can help give a second chance to other pets like Princess when you make a gift to support lifesaving programs like our Second Chance Animal Hospital. Make-A-Lifesaving-Gift-Red-Rounded-Button
January 5, 2016