cody1On the afternoon of November 30th, AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ received a call for help regarding a dog who had fallen into a canal in Phoenix and sprung into action.   When EAMTs arrived at the scene, they spotted Cody, a 4-year-old Newfoundland mix, in the water searching for a way to get out. Cody had been swimming for nearly an hour, was visibly tired and struggling to stay afloat.   It took nearly 15 minutes and several rescue attempts, but with help from the Phoenix Police Department, EAMTs were able to able to utilize a catch pole to snag Cody and hoist him out of the water. Cody was tired, shaken and scared, but otherwise healthy, and he’d soon be heading home. The very next day, Cody’s happy ending arrived when our Alternative Placement team reunited him with his owner.   This holiday season, our EAMTs will rescue dozens of other dogs, cats and critters, who will spend the holidays with us. They’ll need food, medical care, toys, supplies and lots of love while they wait for their new family.   You can help make their stay a little warmer, a little merrier and a whole lot brighter. Stuff a stocking for a pet in need today and help give a second chance at life to a pet like Cody.   Stuff-A-Stocking-Red-Rounded   cody2cody3
December 4, 2014