Two poodles transform into brand new dogs!

Cookie and Daisy are two Poodles who were rescued by AHS EAMTs after they were found trapped in a wire crate under direct sunlight without any water.

Luckily, aside from obvious sever matting and dirty coats, these pups did not suffer from any severe injuries or illnesses. Needless to say though, theses poor pups were in desperate need of grooms. Along with the many lifesaving programs and services AHS has to offer, AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ is dedicated to providing care for animals with nowhere else to turn. Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ Pet Groomer and Docent Volunteer, Lisa, took these pups under her wing and transformed them into brand new dogs! Through the fur and mats, revealed adorable, sweet girls with so much love to give. Cookie and Daisy have since been adopted and are currently living the life they deserved all along with their wonderful new family in Scottsdale, Arizona. poodle This summer, the Arizona Humane Society is on a mission to make happy “after” stories for thousands of “before” pets. So, what’s the story between “before” and “after”? Harrowing rescue, cruelty investigation, advanced medical treatment, tender care, lots of love…and YOU. If you want to save the lives of pets this summer, put tails back where they belong, and bring pets back from death’s door, you’ve found the right place. By joining the Save a Life Challenge and creating your Friend-Raising web page, you can share your commitment to animals in the Valley, raise critical funds, and help us save the lives of pets this summer. You and your friends can truly give second chances to animals with nowhere else to turn.

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