Huge Win for Dogs! City of Phoenix Passes Tethering Ordinance

The Phoenix City Council has unanimously passed a forward-thinking ordinance that makes it a crime to tether an animal on less than 10 feet, in harsh weather conditions or with a collar that’s too tight, giving the Arizona Humane Society an important additional tool to address a common call to its animal-abuse hotline.

Pups saved by Tethering OrdinanceWhy is this a big deal?? Neglect starts somewhere. And it's long before ribs are showing. Long before collars are embedded into skin. Long before the sun scorches an animal’s skin. Neglect most often starts with the simple act of tethering an animal outside in Arizona -- and the City of Phoenix is working to end the epidemic of animal neglect where it starts. “Every year, we field thousands of calls from concerned neighbors regarding an animal’s welfare, including dogs who are tied up, outside, in distress," said Dr. Steven Hansen, President and CEO of the Arizona Humane Society. "This ordinance allows us to contact the owners, correct the situation and work with law enforcement to cite those that don't improve the conditions of their pets. It's a tremendous opportunity for us to stop neglect where it starts." The ordinance was crafted by Councilwoman Thelda Williams, a longtime animal-welfare advocacy with input from the Arizona Humane Society and other animal-welfare organizations. Councilwoman Williams said, "I'm thrilled to support the tremendous efforts of Arizona Humane Society, their Emergency Animal Medical Technicians and our Phoenix police officers by giving them every available resource to end animal  neglect." With this ordinance’s passage, AHS now plans to embark on a citywide education program that explains the new law and discourages inhumane and illegal tethering and collaring. To learn more about AHS' advocacy efforts, visit our advocacy page. Give Now [video width="426" height="240" mp4=""][/video]   More information can also be heard on KFYI-AM.
June 1, 2016