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PetVet Magazine: A Helping Hand to Help Transform Animal Welfare

Written by: Kimberly Ring
News Highlights:
  • The Lazin Animal Foundation gifted $3 million dollars to the Arizona Humane Society to provide care to more of the Valley’s most vulnerable animals.
  • This generous grant will be put toward building the Lazin Animal Foundation Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™.
  • This state-of-the-art medical facility will replace a building that was built in 1957, and will help provide Arizona’s growing animal population with life-saving medical care, adjustable isolation spaces to reduce the spread of illnesses, the ability to expand for large-scale intake cases, and the ability to treat animals with conditions that are commonly thought of as untreatable.
  • Additionally, this grant will provide educational opportunities, such as allowing children to learn about animal welfare and externship opportunities for veterinary students.

A Helping Hand to Transform Animal Welfare

Thanks to a landmark $3 million dollar gift, the Lazin Animal Foundation will help the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) do more of what they do best—transform animal welfare.

Over the past seven years, AHS has provided a safety net for the region’s most vulnerable animals. Located in fast-growing Maricopa County, AHS has established a comprehensive medical, behavioral rehabilitation, surrender intervention and spay/neuter program that has saved an additional 115,000 lives in its seven years.

AHS Vice President of Development, Lauren Martich says, “Our President and CEO, Dr. Steven R. Hansen is a visionary and gives people the chance to act on their visions. One of those visions was saving Parvo pups. We began the Parvo Pup ICU seven years ago. From there it was natural to enact other life-saving programs like our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, Mutternity Suites, Kitten Nursery, and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU. Overall, we’ve realized an 82% reduction in euthanasia over the last seven years.”

The generous grant contributes to a state-of-the-art medical facility in the Phoenix area for these at-risk animals. In October 2021, AHS will break ground on the Lazin Animal Foundation Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. It will be the largest shelter-based trauma center west of the Mississippi.

Martich says, “The new hospital will offer life-saving medical care as well as complex ventilation systems and flexible isolation spaces to reduce illness, expand and contract for hoarding and other large-scale intake situations, and treat conditions commonly considered untreatable in the shelter environment. Our life-saving teams are so ready to have more space and technology to do what they do. We are excited and grateful for this gift. It really makes a statement about the value of the animals’ lives.”

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March 3, 2021