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  • Pet owners may not think to dress their canine companion in a coat during the winter, but some dogs would benefit from an extra layer.
  • The need could depend upon breed and climate.

Do Some Breeds Actually Need Dog Coats? Paula Fitzsimmons, | January 2019
Extra layers aren't just for humans in the cold winter months - dogs may also need a sweater or coat to keep warm! Paula Fitzsimmons of answers the following questions and concerns for pet owners asking themselves whether or not their pup needs a parka:
  1. Are Dog Coats an Absolute Must-Have for Winter?
  2. Which Breeds of Dogs Need Coats?
  3. What Type of Winter Clothing Does Your Dog Need?
  4. Be Sure to Get the Right Fit
  5. Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe
Kelsey Dickerson, AHS' Media Relations Specialist, speaks to the importance of making sure your dog's coat fits his or her body just right. “It is important to make sure your pet’s sweater or jacket is not too snug or too loose, as it can be dangerous for your furry friend. It is especially important to check the fit around your pet’s neck and armpit area to ensure there isn’t any rubbing or irritation,” says Kelsey Dickerson, spokesperson with the Arizona Humane Society.