Nearly 40 Percent of Pets in the United States are Obese.

Obesity can lead to numerous health problems, such as elevated triglycerides,cholesterol, and blood sugar, which can result in heart disease, decreased liver function, and diabetes.

What you can do if you think that your pet might be obese or headed in that unhealthy direction? Lisa Lannen, DVM, a veterinarian at AHS' Margaret McAllister Brock Veterinary Clinic and Shelter Surgery, suggests pet owners discuss their pets' options with their veterinarian. He or she might prescribe a meal plan, exercise, or more. As we all want to reward and spoil our pets with treats, we suggesting substituting the store-bought pet treats with green beans, carrots, or other vegetables cut up into small pieces. Swimming and short walks are fun, safe ways to incorporate exercise into your pet's routine without overdoing it. [caption id="attachment_45018" align="aligncenter" width="688"] "You should be able to feel ribs, but not see ribs," advised Dr. Lannen.[/caption]

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October 16, 2017