Pet condoms are clever, and impossible.

This, we know. But we need you to know that the best way to save lives is to spay/neuter your pet. Thanks to Maddie's Fund, the Arizona Humane Society has partnered with Fix.Adopt.Save to distribute "pet condoms" across the Valley that will inform pet owners of the importance of spaying/neutering their beloved pets. pet condom Inside the pet condoms is an insert that explains the benefits of spaying/neutering and provides spay/neuter resources. [caption id="attachment_41316" align="alignnone" width="1209"]pet condom The pet condom insert also appears in Spanish on the reverse side.[/caption] Benefits of spaying or neutering your pet:
  • Your pet will live a longer, healthier life
  • Your pet's chance of a cancer diagnosis will decrease, among many other major health benefits
  • Your spayed female won’t go into heat
  • Your neutered male won’t roam the neighborhood and will be better behaved
  • You will help reduce the number of homeless pets in our community
  • You will save lives and make a difference in pet overpopulation!
In addition to the benefits spaying/neutering offers your pet, Valley shelters take in more than 50,000 animals every year, and spaying/neutering is the most effective way to reduce the number of homeless pets in our community. The Arizona Humane Society offers a variety of high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter options to the public. Protect your pet while helping to combat pet overpopulation.

Spay/Neuter Your Pet Today

February 27, 2018