Capturing your pet on camera can be a challenge. A sudden movement, an unseen distraction or a case of camera shyness can turn your flawless photo moment into a blurry, disappointing mess. But capturing your pet at his very cutest isn’t impossible. AHS Photography Coordinator Alex DeForest offers up a few tips that can help you snap the perfect pet photo. 529723 (2)1. Be the dominant distraction. Sometimes simply getting your pet’s attention is the real trick. Even if there are no obvious distractions, your pet will find one. Usually high-pitched squeaks or silly noises will do the trick. A fun and unique way to get your furry friend to focus on you is with a harmonica (whether you can play or not). The secret to getting the most out of your noises is to wait until the moment you are ready to take the picture, as your pet can lose interest quickly. 523713 (2)   2. Eye contact can make for an engaging portrait of anyone, including your pet. As you get your pet’s attention, make sure to capture the moment they look at the camera.   525158 (6)   3.Don’t give up so quickly. Be patient and always on the ready for the sudden sneeze or yawn that will make for a fun photo.   Pet Portraits4   4. Make your pet chase you for a great action shot. Hold the camera low and run backwards. Be sure you have your camera set up for action mode. Set your aperture priority mode with an ISO of around 800 and set to burst mode with continuous focus on all points. 519087 (9)   5.Give your pet what they want—their arch nemesis. For dogs, try spraying them with a hose and watch them show their silly side. For cats, try something like feathers or marbles that they can use to display their natural instinct of curiosity and attack. Alex DeForest, AHS Photography Coordinator, received his Associate’s degree in Digital Photography 10 years ago and has been learning through experience ever since. Alex found his best friend and confidant, Lily, at AHS when he failed as a foster parent. Lily, a chocolate Lab mix, is always the life of the party.516170 (2)
March 31, 2016