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a puppy with a vet tag collar in front of a blue background Mustachioed Puppy Abandoned in Box Finds a New Family

Written by: Kimberly Ring
News Highlights:
  • In February, a 9-week-old Boxer mix was found abandoned in a box. Though her story, sadly, is not an uncommon one, her facial features were everything but average. Right below her little nose, was a mustache!
  • The puppy was appropriately named Ms. Mustachia. Ms. Mustachia was cared for in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ before having a clean bill of health and being placed up for adoption.
  • UPDATE: To no surprise, she was adopted almost immediately!

Mustachioed Puppy Found Abandoned in Box Matches with a New Family that Loves Her Facial Hair

Ms. Mustachia and her impressive mustache are in a new home thanks to the Arizona Humane Society

It’s hard to miss this pup thanks to her unique facial fur.

Ms. Mustachia, the puppy, was born with a beautiful, natural mustache right under her nose. Unfortunately, this unique feature wasn’t enough for her original owner. Her previous family abandoned Ms. M.

On Feb. 28, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) found the puppy by herself in a box, left alone by someone who no longer wanted her. It’s unlikely Ms. Mustachia was on her own for long. The puppy arrived at AHS without any injuries aside from some minor hair loss — which did not affect the 9-week-old Boxer mix’s mustache.

After spending a few days at AHS, Ms. Mustachia was ready to find her forever family, owners that would appreciate her adorable good looks, great facial hair, and sweet personality. The pup’s dream quickly came true. Shortly after Ms. Mustachia became available for adoption, she matched with and was adopted by a new family.

Ms. Mustachia is a fantastic example of the countless rescue animals in shelters across the country looking for homes. And while this puppy is no longer available for adoption at AHS, the shelter has dozens of other pets waiting to bring a little joy to someone’s life.

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March 12, 2021