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a cat rests inside a car tire Injured Cat Saved from Car Engine After 3-Hour Rescue

Written by: Kimberly Ring
News Highlights:
  • In mid-December, the Arizona Humane Society’s Field Operations Supervisor, Ruthie Jesus, was dispatched to an urgent engine rescue in Phoenix after a Good Samaritan discovered an injured cat stuck in his car engine after he turned on his car.
  • Despite Ruthie and a Good Samaritan working together for hours to carefully free the cat’s tail and legs, it was discovered that a good portion of Cindy Lou Who’s stomach and skin was compressed between two metal plates near the fan belt.
  • Ruthie immediately called AHS Vice President of Medical Operations and Veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Thompson, for backup, and she quickly arrived on scene with a surgery pack and did not hesitate to jump right in.
  • Read the article below and watch the video for the full story!
  • UPDATE: Cindy Lou Who has been adopted!

Injured Cat Saved from Car Engine After 3 Hour Rescue Is Ready For a Forever Home


Cindy Lou Who is looking for a home, Grinches need not apply.

This 2-year-old Maine Coon cat had a rough end to 2020. According to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), in December, the fluffy feline found herself injured and stuck in a car engine.

It’s unclear how Cindy Lou Who ended up caught inside a vehicle in Phoenix – but the car’s owner quickly discovered the cat when they turned the car on because Cindy let out howls that could be heard across the parking lot. Thinking quickly, the car owner called the AHS for help.

AHS Field Operations Supervisor, Ruthie Jesus, was dispatched to help with the rescue. Once she arrived on the scene, Jesus and the car’s owner worked together to free the cat. They jacked up the car, removed a front wheel and wheel well, and got to a point where they thought they could free Cindy from the engine. Unfortunately, when Jesus reached in to free the cat, she discovered the feline was wedged between two hot metal plates near the fan belt and would need more help to escape the engine since some of her skin was fused to the plates.

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January 22, 2021