Triton was Rescued by EAMTs Who Found Him with Burns and Scabs on His Back. His New Mom, Diane, Saw What was on the Inside, Not the Outside.

There I lie, alone, injured, frightened, all 5 lbs of me curled in a little ball to ward off the cold of late October 2016. I felt myself drifting into unconsciousness when I felt something… what was it? Oh my… a warm, large but gentle hand, lifting me up and wrapping me in something warm and cuddly, holding me close and whispering, “Don’t worry little buddy, we got you now." I closed my eyes knowing I was safe. For the next month after I was brought to the Arizona Humane Society's trauma hospital, I was poked and prodded. I knew it was all for my own benefit because those people had gentle hands, too. They named me Triton and kept touching the burns on my back while saying, “Who would do this?" and "Was it an accident or intentional?” My saviors would never know, but I knew. Everything the doctors did to me - the dental procedures, the removal of my masculinity (apparently it's for my benefit), and the constant nurturing of the wound on my spine - were all done with tenderness and expert care. My days of running the streets, the painful burns, and lack of food all faded into my memory with the kindness I experienced after my rescue. And then one day, she showed up! She saw me in my kennel, a little guy waiting for a furever home. I was afraid she would see my scarred back and think I wasn’t pretty enough, so I wagged my tail as hard as I could. The lady was quite familiar with my savior, the Arizona Humane Society; she had adopted before, and she supported AHS' causes and knew of its mission to rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured, and abused animals. My tail wagging must have worked - I went home with the lady for a “staycation” to see if I would work out. I did everything I could to endear myself to her immediately (except maybe one thing... apparently, lifting my leg inside is not acceptable!). Nevertheless, we fell in love with each other and I now sleep in a fluffy, soft kennel at night. My mom walks me and has introduced me to many new 2-legged and 4-legged friends, and we exchange hugs every single day. She tells me I changed her life because I show that love is measured by the heart and the soul. She says it's about what’s on the inside, and not just what you see on the outside. I promise to never run away again because now I have a perfect home, lots of food, and a kind owner who calls me by my new name (The Mighty) Titan. Sometimes, she calls me Snuggle-Bug, Boogaloo, Munchkin, or Little Guy... but I answer to all. In turn and with love, I call her My Person and AHS will always be My Savior.

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How Adopting at AHS Works

December 15, 2017