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It's time to Adopt!

We need your help! Our shelter is filled to capacity with hundreds of loving dogs and cats who need a forever home. Magical animals who can turn ordinary, everyday objects like an old tennis ball, a backseat window or a ball of yarn into wonderful new adventures.   [caption id="attachment_6978" align="alignright" width="300"]cat adopt
[/caption] Animals like Rocco, a 4-month-old Anatolian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix, or 16-week old Karma, who just got over a kitty cold and is now ready for a new start.   Celebrate the holiday weekend by bringing a new magical four-legged friend like Rocco or Karma into your home. All of our pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and family ready. Life just isn’t as good without pets! Find your magic and adopt today!   Check out our pets!
July 5, 2013