At Just 5 Months Old, Nigel was in Rough Shape and Struggling to Walk.

He was found all alone in a park by a Good Samaritan who new he needed immediate help. This little Pug puppy was brought to the Arizona Humane Society’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where our skilled medical team discovered that Nigel was suffering from a severe fracture of his left leg and in extreme pain. Nigel was treated with antibiotics and pain medication and placed in a splint for the next six weeks to recover in our hospital and then with a compassionate Foster Hero family.

Now 11 months old, Nigel is fully healed and has been adopted by an AHS Board Member. It costs an average of $910 to care for each pet who enters our shelter, and we’ve launched our 2018 Holiday Drive to Save Lives to ensure we can save many more animals like Nigel. Your support is crucial to help end the suffering of animals in our community and give even more cats and kittens, dogs and puppies a second chance. Give hope to homeless and abused animals by making a lifesaving gift today.

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