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FOX 10, 3TV, 12 News, Arizona Republic & ABC 15: AHS Deployed to Woodbury Fire

Written by: Kimberly Ring

News Highlights:

  • Seven members of AHS’ Disaster Response team were deployed to the Woodbury Fire on Thursday, June 20, 2019 to offer assistance to Gila County Animal Care & Control. We have set up a temporary shelter at the Miami Intermediate School near the Red Cross.
  • An evacuation alert was issued for Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Lake area, which could affect several hundred people with an unknown number of pets. So far, Gila County Animal Care and Control has taken in two dogs and one cat.
  • We will continue to provide resources and updates here as available while our Disaster Response team remains on scene.
  • For those needing emergency assistance, please call 911 immediately. For those affected or displaced by the wildfire and in need of help, visit the American Red Cross at
  • Wags and purrs to AKC Reunite for donating the Pet Disaster Relief trailer that was critical in providing support at the Woodbury Fire!

FOX 10


12 News

Arizona Republic

Emergency response team deployed by Arizona Humane Society for Woodbury Fire
MIAMI, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The Arizona Humane Society announced they have deployed their disaster response team to the Woodbury Fire for animals in distress. AHS will set up an emergency animal shelter at the Miami Intermediate School at 4739 S. Ragus Road. The team of seven staff members, including medical and animal care personnel as well as Emergency Animal Medical Technicians, is equipped with a trailer and box truck full of supplies. That includes pop up kennels, food, blankets and vaccines to help shelter and provide vaccinations to any pets in need. AHS said they will provide temporary animal shelter, animal care and any support that they possibly can to Gila County Animal Control and the people and pets affected. So far, two dogs and a cat from two families are utilizing the emergency shelter which is set up near the Red Cross. Read full story.

ABC 15

Woodbury Fire: Humane Society providing help for evacuees with pets
The Arizona Humane Society is helping evacuees care for their animals during the Woodbury Fire. The AHS Disaster Response team has been deployed to the area, as they are the state’s designated responder for animals in distress during natural disasters. A Gila County Animal Control emergency animal shelter has been set up at Miami Intermediate School (4739 S. Ragus Road, Miami, AZ, 85539). They have medical staff, animal care personnel and Emergency Animal Medical Technicians on scene. AHS has a relief trailer and box truck of supplies including kennels, food, blankets and vaccines. As of Friday morning, two dogs and a cat are utilizing the shelter. AHS is monitoring the situation and will decide if more supplies and personnel are needed. Livestock can be brought to the Gila County Fairgrounds. Read full story.
June 21, 2019