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National Volunteer Week: Flashback Friday Spotlight Gloria Bartelt

Written by: Kimberly Ring

Two Paws up to Gloria Bartelt!

Our flashback Friday volunteer spotlight is Gloria Bartelt, who has been volunteering with AHS since 1998 and has over 23,000 volunteer hours recorded (AMAZING!). Gloria, to date, has volunteered in almost every aspect of the organization and at multiple locations. At this time, she and her lovely pup, Jaxon, currently help AHS' Campus for Compassion Adoptions Department every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Volunteering means so much to Gloria because, "Volunteering has been a way of life for me for about 20 years. The happiness I feel every day handling, cuddling, and finding homes for pets in need is very rewarding. I need to be here. It’s my life. It brings me happiness and it’s very fulfilling. It’s important to remember you can’t do it all, but every small thing helps the animals tremendously." Thank you, Gloria, for all that you have contributed to the pets at AHS and for the countless hours of service.

gloria collage

Left photo is from The Arizona Republic on May 24, 2002. Right photo is Gloria and her pup, Jaxon.


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April 15, 2016