Two Paws up to Denise Spaulding!

Denise has been volunteering with AHS since 2009 and has over 12,685 foster and volunteer hours recorded (WOW!). Denise has focused primarily on fostering many of our bottle baby kittens, helping them gain weight, socialize, and getting them ready for their fur-ever homes. Our Foster staff expresses their appreciation for Denise's flexibility and willingness to take on challenging foster cases with a positive attitude. When asked about her experience as a bottle baby foster, Denise states, "Helping tiny kittens survive the ordeal of being orphaned and grow into playful, loving kittens isn't always easy, but it's worth it. They need to be fed every two hours for the first two weeks. A litter of four can take an hour or so to feed, burp, and diaper (my polite way of referring to the necessity of stimulating a kitten to relieve itself). Formula has to be made fresh every 24 hours, bedding changed and washed. But there is no greater reward than knowing that you saved their lives and provided the opportunity for them to be adopted into a loving home. Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of my foster kittens all grown up in photos posted by their forever family and being able to offer them a glimpse into their upbringing in return." Thank you, Denise, for all of your hard work and helping save the lives of so many pets in need. denise

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April 15, 2016