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Misguided Animal Cruelty Bill Introduced in Arizona Sentate

Written by: Kimberly Ring
legislativeThis morning, the Arizona Humane Society will testify at the State Capitol in opposition of SB1267, the Senate’s version of the same piece of misguided legislation introduced in the House last week. Again, we stand before the Committee with our partners in law enforcement and animal welfare in opposition to the proposed bill that eliminates felony convictions for livestock abusers, makes a conviction for livestock abuse more difficult and has the potential to criminalize our investigators.   Your voices continue to echo at the capitol. We thank you for your continued advocacy and support and will keep you posted on progress. While we anticipate the bill to pass through the Committee today, we strongly believe that it shouldn’t matter if someone abuses a working dog or a companion dog, a ranch horse or a family horse, abuse is absolutely intolerable and should be punished to the fullest extent possible.We will need your support as the voices for animals, and will be calling on you for soon to take action! For additional insight, check out this Arizona Republic editorial and visit our advocacy page for more information about all of our legislative efforts.
February 19, 2014