MininaIt was bad enough that Minina, a 2-year-old Tuxedo cat, once roamed the streets, foraging through trash bins just to survive. But then her struggle became even harder when Minina got pregnant and was now fighting not only for herself but also the well-being of her unborn kittens. Minina wound up on the porch of a Good Samaritan, who took pity on the mother-to-be and temporarily took her in. But once Minina’s five kittens arrived, her friends, already with pets of their own, became overwhelmed and brought Minina and her kittens to the Arizona Humane Society, where she was given the opportunity at a second chance for a good life.   Minina’s kittens have been adopted, and Minina is now also ready to find her forever home. Sadly, as an adult cat, it could take weeks or even months for Minina to find that perfect home. Fortunately, Minina has all the time in the world, yet not all stray stories end so well.   Pet overpopulation has spiraled out of control in Maricopa County, which ranks second only to Los Angeles County in the number of homeless pets. Each year, Valley shelters take in more than 87,000 animals, and and only half find their forever homes. AHS is committed to leading the fight against pet overpopulation and ensuring that every homeless animal we bring in, like Minina, has the best opportunity to find a forever home .   The most effective way to combat this extreme pet overpopulation crisis is by spaying or neutering your pet. And now you have the opportunity to so for FREE!   Join AHS for World Spay Day 2013 on Tuesday, February 26th from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. at Tempe Marketplace’s The District Plaza, where AHS will be giving away 500 free spay and neuter vouchers (while supplies last) courtesy of AHS’ generous Circle of Friends and eBay.   In addition to the free vouchers, attendees will also have the opportunity to win prizes, get their photo taken with AHS mascot Humane Eddy, discuss the benefits of spay/neuter with AHS staff, and get a first-hand look at what 121 pets -- the average number of animals AHS takes in every day -- looks like.   Join us in combating pet overpopulation one pet at a time, and help make the difference in the lives of animals like Minina and her five kittens.
February 21, 2013