[caption id="attachment_5587" align="alignright" width="250"]microchip Declan is happily reunited with his owners.[/caption] Several weeks ago, a Schnauzer mix was turned in to the Arizona Humane Society as a stray, background unknown.   Thankfully, however, our four-legged John Doe had a registered microchip. We learned that his name was Declan and were able to track down and reunite him with his owner. It turns out Declan’s home had been broken into and he had gone missing for more than two months.  Had it not been for his microchip, there’s a good chance Declan would have never found his way back to his loving family.   Declan’s story, unfortunately, isn’t all that uncommon.   One in three pets will become lost at some point during their lifetime. And without proper ID, 90 percent will never return home. But by microchipping your pet, you can more than double the odds of finding your missing furry friend.   AHS wants to make sure we give every lost pet the best opportunity to have the same happy reunion Declan did. To celebrate National Pet ID Week, AHS is making microchipping your pet easy and affordable throughout the entire month of April. For just $15, you can help safeguard your pet.   You can take advantage of this super special at any of our clinic locations or when you adopt one of our loving pets. If you’re interested in microchipping an animal you already own, call 602-997-7586 Option 4 and make an appointment at one of our public clinics.  
Margaret McAllister Brock Veterinary Clinic 1521 W. Dobbins Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85041 Marge Wright Veterinary Clinic 1311 W. Hatcher Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85021
  For more information about the benefits of microchipping your pet, visit our microchip page.
April 10, 2013