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Your Gift Doubled in Honor of a Great Teacher of Kindness

Written by: Kimberly Ring

When You Make a Gift Today in Honor of Laura, the Gibney Williams Family Will Match Your Donation Up to $10,000 So We Can Help Double the Number of Homeless Pets!

Turn $100 into $200 or $250 into $500 so we can rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for twice as many sick, injured and abused animals.
Love and compassion for animals is a priceless gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.The Gibney Williams family is proof of this. For many years, this generous family of animal lovers has been making a difference for local pets in our community though fostering, adoption, rescue, awareness and fundraising. They lost one of their greatest teachers of kindness, Laura, three years ago. But Laura’s love for animals lives on, and this Valentine’s Day, the Gibney Williams family invites you to spread that love for twice as many pets! Thank you for joining a legacy of kindness and compassion and helping us give second chances to twice as many homeless pets in our community.

Double Your Gift!