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12 News, Fox 10, 3TV: Man and Dog Reunite After Surviving Horrible Crash

Written by: Kimberly Ring

News Highlights:

  • Philip and his 4-year-old German Shepherd service dog Jessie were caught in a terrifying car accident.
  • Metal cargo smashed through their windshield while driving on the I-17 freeway.
  • Philip was rushed to the hospital. His dog Jessie, who did not to suffer any injuries, came to AHS as part of our Emergency Service program, which provides a safe haven for pets whose owners are temporarily hospitalized.
  • When asked about the accident, Philip replied saying “Jessie saved my life, and if I hadn’t leaned over a few inches to brace Jessie for the impact, the metal rods would’ve gone straight through my face instead of brushing my ear.”

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