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Rescued from the Streets, Quigley Overcomes Injuries

Written by: Kimberly Ring
quigleyWhen Quigley was rescued by our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™, the stray Australian Shepherd mix was bleeding from his mouth, had lacerations to his paws and a strange gait in his walk.   Our veterinarians treated Quigley at our Second Chance Animal Hospital™, where they discovered that his difficulty walking was due to an injured knee that required surgery. Following Quigley’s operation, he spent several weeks recovering with one of our compassionate foster hero families. Foster mom Shelby fell in love and eventually adopted the 3-year-old pup.   Now fully recovered, Quigley tells us just how much fun he is having in his new home:   From the moment my person and I met, I knew we’d be best buddies. I had to teach her a thing or two, like the perfect spot to scratch my ears, but she caught on pretty fast.   Most days, my person has to leave early in the morning, but she always makes sure I have a bone or special treat to chew on. She feels guilty for leaving sometimes, but she shouldn’t. I like being in charge of the house – I guard it against strangers and make sure there are no crumbs of food on the floor. I also get to take lots of relaxing naps. (She doesn’t know it, but a lot of those naps are on the living room couch!) When she gets home, I always greet her with a big kiss in return for a belly rub. It’s a good trade.   My person likes to play a game with me where she puts all of my toys in a box in the living room, but I know where they really go. So after she piles my toys up, I carefully move each one back to its correct spot on the living room floor. She hasn’t managed to fool me yet!   Lately she’s been working in the backyard. I help by digging where she digs, dragging her bags of rocks and sand to her and carrying her gloves outside. I also let her know when it’s time to take a break by climbing into her lap.   I’ve only been taking care of my person for a few months, but I know we have lots of happy years ahead of us!   Help more pets like Quigley find their happy ending by making a lifesaving gift today to support programs and services like our EAMTs, Second Chance Animal Hospital and foster hero program.
May 15, 2015