RosyRosy, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd, found her new home during AHS’ 72-hour Adoption Fever Special earlier this month. Owner Sara shares Rosy’s story:   I adopted Rosy during your adoption special weekend. I had been thinking about adopting another baby for a while, and hearing that your kennels were full led me to believe that this was the right time.   When I saw Rosy on your website, I knew she was the one. She is such a sweet, loving girl! Rosy was a bit underweight when she came home, and shy, but she has gained some weight and come out of her shell. My other Australian Shepherd that I adopted from AHS seven years ago is learning to play nicely with her (Rosy is currently fifteen pounds lighter than him), and my retriever that I adopted from AHS nine years ago is glad to have another female in the house.   Rosy has learned to sit and fetch already and walks on a leash like a pro! She loves to run and jump around in the backyard, play with the sprinkler, the tennis ball, and the rope, but she loves to come inside and sleep on her bed and get belly rubs even more. Rosy is the most loving, quiet, adorable girl and I am so glad to have her in my "pack."   We'd love to hear your pet's success story! Tell us all about your amazing animal. We may even let the whole world know just how special your pet is by sharing your story on our blog or Facebook page!
June 27, 2013