Our Lifesaving Kennel Lock-In is the kick-off of to Summer to Save Lives.

We are on a mission to save pets, so AHS will kennel Valley citizens in an effort to raise $80,000. We will not stop until we find a happy ending for all of our homeless pets.

Can you walk a mile in the paws of a homeless animal? Most times, we will never know where they came from, what they have seen, or how they feel. But in support of their journey, we are climbing in their kennel with them! Each guest in a kennel will set a fundraising goal and will remain locked in their kennel until the goal is met…but don’t worry, we’ll let them out eventually! [one_third] Dr_Hansen [/one_third][one_third] SecondChance [/one_third][one_third_last] POP[/one_third_last]

Meet Our Participants

UPDATE: Good Morning Arizona joined us for this past Saturday’s lock-in as well and featured Parvo Puppy survivors, AHS Demo-cat and Re-purr-blican adoption special, Buster, an AHS orthopedic patient, as well as the cuties in our kitten nursery and intensive care unit. [video width="426" height="240" mp4="https://www.azhumane.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/GMAZ.mp4"][/video]

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