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“Life Isn’t As Good Without Pets” Adoption Campaign

Written by: Kimberly Ring
[caption id="attachment_6653" align="alignright" width="300"]coco Coco[/caption]

Pets Are Magic

"Life Isn't As Good Without Pets" Adoption Campaign There is nothing really special about an old tennis ball, a backseat window or a ball of yarn.  That is, until you pair it with a pet. Pets are magic. They can turn ordinary, everyday objects into wonderful new adventures. And to us, that’s magic. [caption id="attachment_6654" align="alignright" width="300"]Mr. Jingles Mr. Jingles[/caption] Already this month, more than 400 families have discovered the joy pets bring us by adopting a magical new friend. Last weekend alone, 302 dogs, cats and critters found their forever homes during AHS’ astonishingly-successful 72-hour Adoption Fever Special. Pets like Coco, an 11-month-old mixed breed dog who now enjoys romping through her yard with her 1-year-old Labrador sibling, and Mr. Jingles, a 1-year-old Tabby  cat, who was adopted through our PAWS Program (Partnering Animals With Seniors). Help us keep this amazing momentum going by adopting a furry friend. Our pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and family ready. Life just isn’t as good without pets! Find your magic. Adopt a pet today!
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June 12, 2013