leg_ahs2Thanks so much to our hundreds of advocates who reached out to the Arizona legislature and voiced opposition to HB2587. Although the bill passed the Agriculture and Water Committee, the majority of the Committee acknowledged the bill "needed work." It's a small step in the right direction but we still have a tough road ahead.  We understand amendments are being drafted to address a number of concerns we share with law enforcement. We have asked to be part of those discussions.  Although we appreciate the bill’s stricter laws regarding animal hoarding, we remain very concerned about the other proposed changes to current statute.  Put simply, it shouldn’t matter if someone abuses a working dog or a companion dog, a ranch horse or a family horse, abuse is absolutely intolerable and should be punished to the fullest extent possible. We hope our lawmakers agree with us on this critical point. We don't yet know where this legislation will land, but we’re hopeful and grateful to those who serve as the voice of animals - both citizens and elected officials - on this important issue.   In other legislative news, HB2242 on commercial dog breeders and HB2303 are on roadside sales have cleared the Rules Committee and Caucus. They will next go to the full House for a floor vote!   Our commitment remains strong and our gratitude deep for your advocacy! We will keep you updated on progress!
February 13, 2014