Updates Arizona's Animal Welfare Legislation

Two very important issues are being considered by state legislators — the end of Greyhound racing in Arizona and the weakening the citizens initiative process – and we need the strength of your voice to help stand up for animals. Please ask your senator to vote ‘yes’ on HB 2127 and HB 2387, which will prohibit the inhumane sport of dog racing and save taxpayer dollars. And ask them to oppose HRC 2023 and HRC 2043 to protect the will of the voters. Quick Bill info: HB 2127 would end live dog racing and close Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP) by December 31, 2016. HB 2387 would eliminate tax credits, which have been given to TGP for over 20 years. Since 1995, Arizona taxpayers have subsidized dog racing at TGP, which has received around 10 million dollars in tax credits. HCR 2023 & HCR 2043 are resolutions that could make it much easier for the Arizona Legislature to overturn citizens initiatives, which have been an invaluable tool in the animal-welfare toolbox. In fact, your support at the ballot box put an end to the barbaric bloodsport of cockfighting, banned inhumane gestation crates for pregnant pigs, veal and calves at industrial farms, and ended the use of indiscriminate leg-hold animal traps, poisons, and snares on Arizona’s public lands. If proponents of these resolutions are successful, the legislature would need a small majority to overturn those citizens’ initiatives. Ask your legislators to vote no, now, and continue to respect the will of the voters. Click here to determine your legislative district and find your Senator's name and contact information here. Please let your Senator know that you are a member of their district and that you are asking them to vote 'yes' on HB 2127 and HB 2387 and 'no' on HCR 2023 and 2043. Help give a voice to animals by taking action now! Stay up to date with this year’s legislative session on our Animal Welfare Legislation page.
March 30, 2016